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Cashmere-Wool Blend Lined Kimono Coat-Charcoal Grey

Cashmere-Wool Blend Lined Kimono Coat-Charcoal Grey

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Kimono sleeve coat in a medium weight worsted wool-cashmere blend coat. ※Unisex design.
・Slim-cut with straight cut kimono sleeves
・Outer material is a medium-weight wool and cashmere fibers
・Lined with an anti-static jacquard.
・2 side seam pockets, 2 inner chest pockets; snap button and tie belt closure
※Snap buttons are sensitive to excessive pulling force. Recommended to release snaps with both hands with one pressed against the base of the buttons.

Care Instructions

※Always wash in a mesh laundry bag, cold water and delicate “dry-clean” cycle.
※Do not leave soaking to avoid color bleed.
※Do not wash with white or light colored garments to avoid color transfer.
※Color may transfer onto or from other garments when subjected to constant rubbing contact.
※Size and shape may change through wash; reshape gently when laying flat or hanging up to air dry.
※Due to the texture of the material, garment is sensitive to pilling especially in areas of frequent contact.
※Iron indirectly with a cloth or towel in between iron and garment.
※Do not tumble dry.

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