we practice sustainable design.


At Captain Okō, we practice mindful and sustainable design. 

It is our honor and tribute to nature. 

We are very grateful to collaborate with you...and a growing community who believe in sustainable living.

At this time, our collective well being is of utmost importance.  Our homes are our nest...a retreat and place of comfort, creativity, and commune.  Our bodies are sacred.  How do we honor and nourish this?   

We offer you a curated assortment of authentic art forms, artifacts, and textiles that support this way of living. 

  When connected in spirit and shared ethics, we uplift the reverence felt for our precious resources.   Thank you for visiting us here online, and sourcing treasures from our cherished artists. 

We are grateful to partner with you, and thank you for investing in this shared vision.          

With love, Chelsea and Benexy.

Current Gallery Hours:

Thursday 12pm-5pm
Friday 12pm-6pm
Saturday 11pm-6pm
Sunday 12pm-5pm