We hold so much gratitude and are honored for your support of our vision.

Ones who believe in supporting a sustainable and fair wage business practice.

Your mindful and conscious collecting from us... connected in spirit and ethics keeps uplifting our artist partners and our dedication to living in harmony with our precious resources.

 It is ever more challenging for a small business to thrive given the omnipotent challenges of corporate permeation.  Mass production and margins have overshadowed the honesty of fair trade and have altered cultural beliefs.  This competition directly affects fair trade pricing and our ability to support artists in a meaningful way.

Thank you for partnering and investing in our work of researching, scouting, and presenting an environment of authentic artisan artifacts from our curated selection.  We are open, transparent and honest about the cost of running a small eco-retail business.

Our prices reflect a 50% to ARTIST- 50% to OKŌ. Fair prices that award the artist, and allow us to continue to support them by representing their work.

With utmost respect we hope to continue in partnership and altruism.

Should you procure from our online selection here,  we artists thank you!  Kindly look out for a personal note perched inside your next order parcel... Emily Rose, our gallery manager is one to muse for these hand written notions...she is such a gem, and such a beautiful being here at Captain Okō...

With entwined humanity, and partnership... Thank you from a small sustainable woman owned & family supported business in Marin.

Current Gallery Hours:

Thursday 11pm-5pm
Friday 11pm-6pm
Saturday 12pm-6pm
Sunday 12pm-5pm