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2" x 3" off white area rug

2" x 3" off white area rug

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MATERIAL: 75% Wool 25% Polyester

STYLE: Intricate hive formed by the woven knots of wool give this solid area rug it’s place as a modern classic that fits well in any interior design from boho, modern, minimalist to contemporary or even American colonial, especially due to its neutral color palette.

CONSTRUCTION: Each strand of natural fibre with a different color is intricately woven to create the design. This is not a printed rug. Handweaving techniques have been used and each knot and weave creates a visual sensation when observed closely.

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Vacuum regularly to prevent dust and crumbs from settling into the roots of the fibers. Brushless attachment is recommended. Avoid direct and continuous exposure to sunlight. Shedding is a normal occurrence and will reduce over time with frequent vacuuming. Use rug protectors under the legs of heavy furniture to avoid flattening piles.

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