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Captain Okō

Org. cotton row gauge socks from Japan

Org. cotton row gauge socks from Japan

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Organic cotton row gauge socks These ORGANIC COTTON ROW GAUGE SOCKS are knitted on a vintage Bentley machine, in England. The socks are knitted slowly using a lot of yarn and have a gentle hand-knit feel.The material is white ,brown and green organic cotton. Different types of cottons offer different comfort. *Color: Mushroom  *Material: 92% Organic Cotton, 7% Nylons, 1% Polyurethane  *Size: S: 22.5-24.5 cm approx. EU 35-39 USW 5.5-7.5 USM 4.5-6.5 M: 25-27 cm approx. EU 39-44 USW 8-10 USM 7-9 L: 27.5–29.5 cm approx. EU 44-49 USW 10.5-12.5 USM 9.5-11.5

Hand made in Koryo Nara, Japan since 1921.

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