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DAIYO Rice Bran Block Candle

DAIYO Rice Bran Block Candle

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Rice bran wax candles are great alternatives to paraffin wax candles as these are made with 100% rice bran wax and are sustainable, vegan, gentle to earth and to humans. Handmade by a 100 year old Japanese candle maker Daiyo.  

Rice bran wax is made from rice bran which is a byproduct of the rice milling process. These candles are vegan and fragrance-free, no artificial colour added, and they do not give much soot but burn very clean and are environmentally friendly.

When compared with candles made with other wax or paraffin, the rice bran wax candles tend to burn with more stable and brighter flame. There are three sizes available, small size burns for 48 hours, medium 96 and large 144 hours - yes they burn for long hours! 

Material: 100% Rice bran wax (vegan)

  [MEDIUM] φ72mm × H160mm / φ2.83" × H6.29"   
  [LARGE]  φ100mm × H220mm / φ3.93" × H8.66"   

Burn Time (approx): [SMALL] 48 Hours [MEDIUM] 96 Hours [LARGE] 144 Hours
Made in Japan

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