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4’11” x 7’2” golden turmeric plush beni shag Moroccan carpet

4’11” x 7’2” golden turmeric plush beni shag Moroccan carpet

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59” x 86”

One of a kind, Heirloom masterpieces...hand dyed with Indigo and natural plant dyes. Carefully woven with A plus quality virgin wool from authentic Berber weavers of Morocco.  

We are so grateful to partner with a rare community of women weavers in Morocco...The sheep breed differ in the various mountain ranges...BENI GUIL. BENI IGHIL, MOHAD, and BENI FIGUIS.  Very plush. 

May we rejoice in what we believe to be the silkiest, most coveted virgin wool carpets ever...The quality and hand are supple and heavenly...the hand tied detail and looming create a most exquisite tapestry...these carpets should last decades and be considered none other than true investment pieces...where authenticity and luxury coalesce in harmony and suppleness.  Enjoy the comfort and luxuriate in the natural feel of these heirloom textiles...

We also customize these up to a size 12' wide by 16'' various colors and borders...and sizing...and have multiple sizes being sent for immediate procurement.  Please reach out to us to curate your custom piece. 415-755-3144.

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