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Swahili African Modern

Medium Solid Black Iringa Basket

Medium Solid Black Iringa Basket

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These simple yet durable baskets are hand woven by women in rural Tanzania from milulu grass dyed to a rich black. They are useful for storage in every room of the home. Sold singly. Because this is a handcrafted item, each will vary.

You can shape your basket by wetting the straw and shaping the basket with your hands, then allowing it to dry.

Small: 10"D x 11"H

Medium: 12-13"D x 12"H

Large: 14-15"D x 13"H

Please expect up to a 2" size variance (this allows baskets of the same general size to be nested together when shipping from Tanzania).

Crafted from: Milulu grass, natural dye

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