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3' x 5' Brown Area Carpet

3' x 5' Brown Area Carpet

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MATERIAL: 75% Wool 25% Polyester

STYLE: Inspired by Scandinavian, berber, Beni and Moroccan style rugs the diamond shapes complement this minimalist warm accent rug. It will fit well with stylish European design with its geometric boho thick pile that features a heathered subtle textured look, woven in neutral shades.

CONSTRUCTION: Each strand of natural fibre with a different color is intricately woven to create the design. This is not a printed rug. Handweaving techniques have been used and each knot and weave creates a visual sensation when observed closely. Each design comes in a variety of sizes depending on availability

CARE INSTRUCTIONS: Vacuum regularly to prevent dust and crumbs from settling into the roots of the fibers. Brushless attachment is recommended. Avoid direct and continuous exposure to sunlight. Shedding is a normal occurrence and will reduce over time with frequent vacuuming.

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