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Pure White Mayan Copal Incense (Hand Rolled in Tulum)

Pure White Mayan Copal Incense (Hand Rolled in Tulum)

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The world’s finest copal incense. With a clean, woody aroma that is both rich and refreshing, ceremonial grade Pure White Mayan Copal Incense heightens your senses to expand positive, loving energy and open your heart.

BURN WITH INTENTION Pure white copal is the perfect companion for relieving stress, yoga and meditation practice, energetic cleansing, and preparing for sleep.

BURN WITH ARTISTRY Place a stick in an incense burner or bowl of sand to catch fallen ash. Light the tip to a small flame, count to five, then gently blow out to a flowing smolder.

BURN WITH GRATITUDE Each premium stick burns 2+ hours thanks to the highest possible concentration of pure white copal resin, and no additives or fillers. Extinguish and relight as desired.

DETAILS - 10 premium 11-inch incense sticks - 2.5+ hour burn time per stick - 20+ hours total burn time - Ceremonial grade - Rolled by Hand in Tulum - All natural materials - No additives or fillers

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